UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Managing Packages

Manually Uploading a Package to Orchestrator

This functionality is useful when, for example, the Studio instance in which you design processes is not connected to Orchestrator.

  1. In the Packages page, click the Upload upload_package button. The Upload Package window is displayed.
  1. Click Browse and select the package (with the .nupkg extension) you want to upload to Orchestrator (by default, when not connected to Orchestrator it is %ProgramData%\UiPath\Packages). The name of the file is displayed in the Upload Package window.
  2. Click Upload. The package is uploaded to Orchestrator and it is displayed in the Packages page.

Deleting Package Versions

Packages can only be deleted from Orchestrator if they have the Inactive status. A package has this status only if it was never deployed to a process.

  1. In the Packages page, click View Versions view_version. The Package Versions window is displayed.
  1. Select a specific version and click Remove. The selected package version is removed.
  2. Click Remove All Inactive. All inactive versions of the selected process are deleted. If a package version is or ever was part of a process (it is active), it is NOT going to be deleted. If all the versions are inactive (they have never been deployed to a process), they are all deleted.

Managing Packages