UiPath Orchestrator Guide

Alert Severity Levels

The severity levels of alerts apply to different types of notifications, as follows:

  • Info - Jobs that started, be they scheduled or manually started; Robots now available.
  • Success - Jobs completed successfully, be they scheduled or manually started.
  • Warn - Queue items that fail with business exceptions; misfired schedules.
  • Error - Jobs that fail (be they scheduled or manually started); Robots not responding; queue items that fail with application exceptions.
  • Fatal - Robots that go offline or are disconnected.

When filtering the Alerts page according to the Severity level, please note that all greater severity levels are also displayed. For example, if you select Warn, messages are going to be displayed for the Warn, Error and Fatal severity levels.

The default value of the filter is Error. This means that removing all filters displays the alerts with the Error severity level.

Alert Severity Levels