UiPath Orchestrator Guide

About Tenant Settings

The Settings page enables you to change multiple configurations, such as the time zone of the tenant, the complexity of your password, alert e-mail account information, and license information.


All the settings displayed on this page are per tenant.

The Settings page is organized with tabs, as follows:

  • General tab - change the time zone of the tenant
  • License tab - displays the total number of available and in use Robots according to type, and the date until which the license is available. Additionally, you can upload a license by clicking the Upload License button upload_license.
  • Deployment tab - displays the NuGet feed where packages versions are maintained, and the API key required to use it. This information is provided by default.
  • Mail tab - configure email settings so that you can send email alerts to users with a provided email address.
  • Security tab - configure the password complexity rules for users.

After editing the value of a setting, click Save.

It can be opened from the Options menu.

About Tenant Settings