UiPath Orchestrator Guide

About Schedules

Schedules enable you to execute jobs in a preplanned manner, at regular intervals on Robots. You can assign Robots to perform different schedules according to the following options:

  1. All Robots - Schedules are executed by all the Robots in a specific environment.
  2. Specific Robots - Schedules are executed by the Robots selected by the user.
  3. A Number of Robots - Schedules are executed by a number of Robots. This option enables you to utilize your resources to their greatest extent. As soon as a Robot becomes Available, it executes the indicated process according to the provided schedule.

Additionally, you can stop a scheduled job after a custom amount of time with the Cancel or Terminate options.

You can adjust the execution time of the schedules according to a specific time zone.


The time zone set on a schedule is not correlated to the time zone of the tenant (set in the Settings page).

The Schedules page enables you to create new schedules. It also displays all previously created schedules, which can be edited, enabled, or disabled.

You can view the jobs started by a specific schedule on this page, by clicking the More Actions more_actions_button > View jobs. The Jobs window is displayed.

If you set multiple schedules on the same Robot and their execution time overlaps at least one time, the jobs are queued, in a pending state. The Robot executes the queued jobs in chronological order.


If the connection to the SQL database is lost for any reason, the schedules that were supposed to be triggered at that point are misfired, and an alert with the Error level is generated.

About Schedules