UiPath Orchestrator Guide

About System Administrators

While installing Orchestrator, a default host admin, which is also known as a System Administrator, is created. The host admin has rights to create new tenants, change application settings and audit change password, create, update, register, and delete actions on settings, tenants, and users. The Profile page enables host admins to change their general information and password, as well as view the last login attempts with these credentials.

A tenant can be enabled or disabled at any point, in the Tenants page, by the System Admin.

To log in as the host administrator, use the credentials provided by our teams when purchasing a license and write host in the Tenancy Name field.

The Settings page enables you to change multiple configurations, such as the time zone, the complexity of your password, alert e-mail account information, and license information.


Please note that if you edit the host settings you'll also edit the settings of all the tenants that did not update their settings with custom values.

The Settings page is organized with tabs, as follows:

  • General tab - change the time zone
  • Application tab - allows you to create Tenants, change the terms and conditions URL, and give a custom title to your Orchestrator instance.
  • Deployment tab - displays the NuGet feed where packages versions are maintained, the API key required to use it, as well as the Secure Deployment option. This information is provided by default.
  • Mail tab - configure email settings so that you can send email alerts to users with a provided email address.
  • Security tab - configure the password complexity rules for users.

After editing the value of a setting, click Save.

About System Administrators