UiPath Orchestrator Guide

About Environments

An environment is a grouping of Robots, that is used to deploy processes.

Multiple types of environments are available in UiPath. The types are used to help your automation team know how the Robot environments should be used, as follows:

  • Dev - for development purposes;
  • Test - for testing what the development team has created;
  • Prod - in production, after an automation project has passed all the necessary tests.

The Environments page displays all previously created environments and enables you to manage Robots within them.


If you have multiple Robots on the same machine, it is recommended that you group them in the same environment. Otherwise, some errors might occur when deploying different versions of the same process.

This page can be filtered according to the type of environment. The selected filter is indicated in the user interface.

In the Robots page, click the Environments tab to access the Environments page.

About Environments